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If you live in Florida, you know how important expert electrical work can be. For over 26 years, Static Electric has been one of the premier commercial electrical contractors in South Florida. Anthony Maturo, our president, opened our office in West Palm Beach in 1986 and immediately set out to be one of the area’s leading commercial electrical contractors. Our president takes pride in his business, and has a hands-on approach with every project we complete. Our centrally located West Palm Beach office allows us to contract work in Palm Beach, Martin, and Broward counties.

Electrical Contractor

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With our experience and expertise Static Electric is the natural choice for all your commercial electrical contracts. We are distinctively oriented toward South Florida projects, so we know the unique circumstances and problems that arise in this environment. We have the know-how to complete every aspect of your electrical work, with no need for sub-contractors.

  • New Construction  Including hotels, retail stores, office buildings, and assisted care living facilities. We’ll work with you on the design build, or can retrofit interior plans to your existing new structure.
  • Modeling and Renovation Projects  From residential rewiring to commercial renovations, we’ll handle all your electrical upgrades. We can handle security and landscape lighting, service upgrades, and lighting retrofits into existing plans. From rehabbed subdivisions to large commercial buildings, we can completely upgrade your entire electrical installation.
  • Maintenance and Service  Our professional maintenance department can be crucial in the Florida environment, where salt and humidity combine to sabotage even the best of electrical designs. Maintaining your electrical systems on a regular basis can ensure continued power without surprise outages.  In addition, our service department can handle all your commercial electrical emergencies, from small outages to system-wide failures.
  • Protection  When your power is out, you’re out of business, so we offer protection from the most common types of power interruption in the area. Storms can be volatile here, so we provide surge protection for your most sensitive electronics, plus lightning protection and motor protection to prevent downtime and damage.
  • Energy Savings  If your company is among the thousands that are seeing the value of working green, we can work with you to retrofit your workplace. We will install LED lighting, do lighting retrofits, and even work with you to come up with an energy management system to track and control electrical usage for power savings, as well as those to the bottom line.
  • Standby Generators  Hurricanes, tropical storms, and even regular electrical storms can all play havoc with your business’ power system. We’re the experts at backup generator installation, and have been doing so for over 20 years. A consistent power supply during a crisis can mean saving or losing a business, and standby generators are the solution to the Florida weather problem. We can determine what size generator your business requires, offer you options, and install whatever system you choose.

Your Ideal Electrical Contractors

Here at Static Electric we are committed to providing you with the most professional, high quality service at a very competitive price. Our professional estimators know every aspect of the business, and use state of the art computerized estimates for accurate recording and highly detailed project reports. Our on-staff engineer can help you design your building project, and our licenses as State Certified Electrical Contractor, as well as State Licensed Gas Contractor, mean you’ll never have to deal with a subcontractor just to get a safety standby system installed. Our professional approach, commitment to safety, and decades of commercial electrical experience all combine to make Static Electric the commercial electrical contractor that’s right for your business project.