Electrical Protection

Due to the environmental factors here in South Florida, extra protection is needed on many electrical systems to prevent damage and outages from storms and other weather events. Losing power is the fastest way to shut your business down, so protecting your machinery and building is another form of business insurance. At Static Electric, as an electrical contractor in South Florida, we can install system and surge protection to every vulnerable part of your electrical layout.

Electrical Protection

Lightning Protection

With around 1.5 million lightning strikes each year, Florida is the most lightning-prone state in the continental United States. With the large percentage of rainstorms including thunder and lightning, it’s crucial for businesses to install lightning protection on their buildings. A business doesn’t have to be multiple stories tall to be vulnerable to lightning strikes; simply being the tallest structure in the immediate area of a strike is enough to do it.

Air terminals, once known as lightning rods, are the basis for most lightning protection systems. Our technicians will install the correct air terminals for your building’s height and square footage. Once the air terminals are in place, our experts can install conductors that lead the electrical charge into the ground, safely diverting it away from your business.

Surge Protection

Nature is unpredictable. You can install the finest electrical protection in the business, but if lightning contains a higher than normal voltage, you can still suffer major damage to your electrical systems from the electrical surges. In addition, surges in the normal electrical system can be a common occurrence, and can play havoc with your computers, cash register POS systems, and security systems. We can install commercial grade surge protection that diverts the excess voltage away from your equipment and system and grounds it where it won’t do any damage. When properly installed, surge protection devices will monitor and deal with any fluctuating current voltage in the background without you ever being aware of it.

Electrical Protection of Motors

From offices to factories, businesses run on electricity and motors. Having a motor down with electrical problems can be annoying, or it can completely shut down your business until the problem is solved. At Static Electric, we specialize in electrical protection of all types of motors, preventing stoppages and broken machines before they even start.

  • Dedicated circuits.  We can install dedicated circuits and circuit breakers for any part of your system that requires an extra amount of power, or should be isolated from the normal system. When it’s crucial that part of your system stays running, such as operating room equipment or commercial restaurant freezers, having a dedicated circuit connected to a standby generator can save you a substantial amount of money, or more.
  • Simple machines that are important parts of your business can break down for very simple reasons. We can assess your electrical needs and make sure all your machines are running on the correct power, do maintenance at the advised frequency, and advise your staff on what to do in order to make the motors in your business run more smoothly and efficiently.
  • Circuit breakers. Commercial systems need professional grade equipment, and that includes commercial circuit breakers. If you’ve recently upgraded your business or added on more equipment as your business grows, the circuit breaker system in your building could be inadequate. Designing and installing an upgraded circuit breaker can protect the motors in all the machines your business depends on.
  • Monitoring  One of the most important parts of protecting your equipment and the motors inside is simply monitoring its behavior and efficiency during normal working use. Our technicians will check your motors on a regular basis, do on-site maintenance such as lubricating and small parts replacing, and put the cleaned machines back together once they’ve been inspected and improved.