West Palm Beach

Commercial Electrical Contracting in West Palm Beach, FL

Static Electric has been a premier commercial electrical contracting company in the West Palm Beach community for almost 30 years. Anthony Maturo began our company in 1986, and has been an active part of the team from our first project. We are available for small and large construction and renovation projects, and our experienced estimators will give you an accurate and detailed computerize estimate. Our knowledgeable and experienced contractors can handle any commercial electrical job you have in mind, no matter what the project.

  • Electrical Renovation.  Gentrification is a growing practice in West Palm Beach and we have the knowledge and experience to upgrade or retrofit any wiring or lighting system you may have in mind, without damaging the original look of your structure. If it’s a business renovation you have in mind, we can upgrade lighting, wiring and circuits, add safety and security features and increase the amount of outlets and lighting already found in the building.
  • New Construction.  We will work with builders or building contractors to design electrical plans from the ground up, then utilize those plans for the safest and most efficient usage in any type of building. From condo communities to theme restaurants, we know what it takes to complete an electrical system in any commercial building.
  • Emergency Service.  Between thunderstorms and hurricanes, the weather in West Palm Beach can be volatile. In addition, wiring and equipment wear out no matter how carefully they’re used. If your business is out of power or a key piece of equipment is broken, you’re out of business. We’ll quickly assess the problem and provide a quick and satisfactory solution that will get you back up and running as quickly as possible.
  • Maintenance. Like preventive medicine for your electrical system, regular maintenance on all your equipment can prevent almost all emergencies due to stress and wear. At Static Electric we believe in choosing a scheduled maintenance day rather than taking chances at having a large breakdown and jeopardizing your business. We will check all your systems, do the recommended replacements for each equipment, change out floodlights and other bulbs before they die, and perform all other needed tasks to keep your systems in ideal condition.
  • Protection.  We have more lightning strikes here in Florida than in any other state in the continental U.S. When it comes to your business, this means a greater chance of your building being struck by lightning, We can install state-of-the-art lightning protection, including conductors, grounding materials, and surge suppressors to protect your valuable computers and POS equipment. In addition, we can install security lighting inside and out as well as create a dedicated circuit for any electronic security system you may wish to install.
  • Money Savings.  Every little bit helps when it comes to your business’ bottom line, and we will find every opportunity to reduce your electrical costs each month. We’ll install LED lighting to replace expensive fluorescent bulbs. We can replace bright general room lighting with dedicated task lights and even change old outdoor floodlights with newer, modern motion sensor lighting.
  • Emergency Generators.  Hurricanes, large thunderstorms, and general electrical company problems all combine to make a power outage a real possibility every day in your business. It may be an inconvenience or it can shut you down completely, but losing power is something that will always cost you time and money. We will install an emergency generator that can sustain critical systems, such as medical equipment or large restaurant freezers, or larger ones to supply the entire building in case of a greater community need.