How to Find an Electrical Contractor in Delray Beach FL

Anthony Maturo and his company, Static Electric, have been a premier commercial electrical contractor in Delray Beach for almost 30 years. We are a State Certified Electrical Contractor in Delray Beach FL as well as a State Licensed Gas Contractor, so we have the ability to complete your entire commercial project without a need for sub-contractors. Static Electric has been a part of Delray Beach’s recent gentrification and downtown renewal, available for both new construction and business renovation. We have the knowledge and the experience to complete any commercial electrical project you may be planning, from the initial write-up to the finished work.

Emergency Generators

Like most of Southeast Florida, Delray Beach is subject to power outages from lightning strikes, tropical storms, hurricanes, and even failures from older power systems. Whether losing power means shutting down your business completely or simply making daily operations more difficult, it will always end in a loss of income. We can install commercial-grade emergency generators designed to keep your business going and your security system in place. Whether you only need simple lights and cash register systems or entire critical care units, we’ll determine the required size of backup power supply and install the correct generators for your business needs.

Electrical Savings

Saving expenses is one of the critical ways to increase your business’ bottom line. Our experienced electrical professionals will inspect your business and recommend methods for saving electrical costs. They will remove old incandescent light bulbs and replace them with newer, energy-efficient LED models. Older fluorescent lights have inefficient ballasts, and Static Electric electricians will install modern varieties designed to use much less power. Even the way you use your current equipment could end up wasting electricity, so our professionals can advise you on logical methods of getting the most use out of your lighting and other electrical equipment.

Lightning Protection

Florida is known as the lightning capitol of the United States, and Delray Beach is subject to hundreds of lightning strikes every year. One strike on an unprotected building can cost thousands of dollars in fire damage, or worse. Static Electric will install a lightning protection system that grounds your commercial building, saving it from damage when lightning strikes. We’ll also upgrade your power supply to include a surge protection system to protect your computers, POS systems, and computerized business equipment.

Electrical Maintenance

It’s almost always more economical to prevent problems than to fix them, and it’s definitely true with electrical systems. Static Electric can provide you with a qualified electrical contractor in Delray Beach FL, who will create a plan and schedule for your business needs, then attend to the maintenance on a regular basis. We’ll change out LED bulbs before they burn out, check wiring and circuit breakers to make sure they’re in good working condition, do regular, manufacturer-required maintenance on your electrical equipment, and inspect your system for damage after storms.


Delray Beach is growing and improving, and that means homes and businesses being renovated. We can upgrade the lights and wiring for an entire neighborhood, leaving the original flavor of the building behind, or renovate a business building to comply with new usage. We’re up to date on all building codes, and can install modern electrical systems that will last  your business for years in the future.

New Building

In a growing community businesses are always expanding, and we’re ready to plan and create the electrical systems for any business project you build. Our experienced professionals will provide you with an electrical contractor in Delray Beach FL who will sit with you to lay out the entire building plan, always keeping your type of business in mind when creating a unique wiring plan for you. We are State Licensed Gas Contractors as well as being State Certified Electrical Contractors, so we have the ability to complete the entire job without subcontracting portions of the work.