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New Trends in Residential Lighting for 2016/2017

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New Trends in Residential Lighting for 2016/2017

Every year, there are subtle shifts in décor and design trends, and lighting is no different. While redecorating your whole home isn’t really an option for most of us, the good news is that small changes can make a big impact. If you’re looking to update your residential lighting this year, there are some great trends you can try.

Artisanal Details

Artisanal décor details remain a strong trend in 2016, and lighting is a great way to bring this handmade look into your home. Consider hand crafted chandeliers or light fixtures. Think wrought iron, hand blown glass or other materials, and look for pieces that have the slight imperfections that make artisanal objects unique and original.

Gold and Brass

Warmer metals lost favor several years ago, and they’ve been mostly banished from stylish homes since then. This year, however, brass, copper and weathered gold have made a comeback, and they’re being seen on stylish light fixtures too. So if you want to bring some bling into your décor, consider opting for lighting fixtures in warmer tones.

Pared Down Industrial

It may seem strange that a year that features an emphasis on hand made décor and metals is also one that favors minimalist industrial design, but that’s exactly what is happening in residential lighting this year. Stainless steel fixtures with minimal frills, simple pendants and other minimalist styles are all going to be a big trend this year.

Bigger Is Better

Forget understated design this year. Lighting design this year is all about going big and bold. Think oversized chandeliers, giant sized sconces or large fixtures, and you have the trend in one. They work better in larger spaces, with higher ceilings, but a statement light can really transform a space, so consider one for your entrance area, dining room or living room.

Retro Feel

Finally, whether you’re planning new construction electrical while building a custom home this year, or looking to update your existing décor, there’s the retro trend. Fixtures and fittings that look like they belong in decades past are big news this year. Which also means that it’s a great year to trawl flea markets and antique stores for the genuine article at a bargain price!

Maritime Moments

If there’s one trend that shows up regularly, it’s the trend to maritime or nautical design elements, and 2016/2017 will be another year when we see beachy elements in design, including lighting. Whether you choose a ships lantern or a drift wood chandelier is up to you, but if you can bring the beach into your lighting design, you’ll be right on trend.

Like most years, décor in 2016/2017 will be a mixed bag of old and new, with plenty of ways to put your own stamp on your design. When you design your residential lighting this year, the best advice is to focus on what you like, and make the trends fit your style – not vice versa. Whatever you choose, remember that saving power and the environment will always be in style, so choosing LED or CFL friendly lighting options is always a good idea.

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Make Your Home a Thing of Beauty This Holiday – Efficiently!

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Make Your Home a Thing of Beauty This Holiday – Efficiently!

There are a few things in life that you can’t escape. Death and taxes, and the absolute necessity of turning your home into a beacon of light during the festive season that can be seen from space. Or at least from passing aircraft.

The only trouble with holiday lighting is that while it is beautiful and fun, and it is a big part of the season, it is not exactly energy efficient.

It can be, however, and here’s how:

Better Bulbs

If your holiday lights are old-fashioned incandescent bulbs, then they are probably sucking enough power to light up a fair chunk of your block! Banish these power guzzlers, and replace them with LED lights. These light bulbs use a tiny fraction of the power of traditional lights, and they burn cooler, so they not only promote energy savings but are safer too!

Get Energy Star Rebates

Energy Star offers rebates on the purchase of approved lights. Rebates vary by area, by type of light, by brand and by store, so if you plan to take advantage of this, do some research before you make a purchase.

Project Your Lights

If all you really need to be happy is a light that glows, then why not consider one of the light projectors instead of strings of lights? These units use a tiny amount of power, are easy to install and operate, and most have a variety of setting options.

Add a Timer

Even in the most bustling neighborhoods, it is unlikely that passersby will see your lights in the early hours of the morning. Likewise, if you leave your lights on during the day, you are going to be getting very little bang for your power buck.

If you want to have your energy savings cake and eat it, too, invest in a timer. You won’t have to wake up in the middle of the night to turn off your lights, and you’ll never forget to turn them off in the morning. Many timers are easy to install and set, and there are even some with integrated, photo-sensitive switches, which mean that they will sense when it gets light and dark, and turn lights on and off accordingly.

Reflect On It

What many people don’t realize is that reflected light can be just as effective at making your home glow. Consider installing lighting alongside baubles, or add glinting bunting made from metallic garlands under lights to boost your lighting. While you won’t find snow in South Florida, there are other ways you can use this to your advantage.

Consider installing lighting above water features, ponds or pools to light up the water. Anything that reflects light will boost your home’s glow and help to turn it into a showpiece.

A Win, Win, Win Situation

Decorating your home for the holidays is a must, and lights are a major part of that, however, with a little forethought and planning, you can have your lights, save money on energy bills, and be kinder to the planet. With all that money you are going to save on power, you can probably afford even more holiday lights!

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7 Great Kitchen Lighting Ideas to Consider

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7 Great Kitchen Lighting Ideas to Consider

One of the least expensive ways to make a big impact with your home renovation project is by changing your kitchen lighting. By just switching out the lamps and adding new lights in different places, you can completely change the mood of the room. Go from plain to pizzazz by trying one of these unique kitchen lighting ideas:

Idea #1: Under Cabinet Lights

Install a set of lights underneath your kitchen cabinets. These lamps add ambient light to the room, plus can serve as task lighting for kitchen prep work. Attach the electrical wiring against the bottom of the cabinet and you can have the entire system installed without drilling holes or breaking into the walls. A modern looking makeover for minimal money, this decorating scheme is as practical as it is attractive. It’s most effective if you use smaller lights that hide behind decorative molding, beaming down on the counter without being seen.

Idea #2: Use Chandeliers

The more elaborate, the better. Be it crystal or stainless steel, modern or antique, a chandelier adds just enough personality to make your kitchen pop. This option is great if you’re renovating your kitchen. You can have your residential electrical contractor install this instead of the same old boring kitchen lights that have graced every ceiling you’ve seen since childhood. Chandeliers are just different enough to show off your decorating style, yet they do the job of lighting up the room perfectly. Bright enough to light kitchen tasks and large enough to spread ambient light throughout the room, look to living room lighting fixtures to find your next kitchen lighting.

Idea #3: Set the Stage

Every kitchen’s got a few spots that get all the attention: the sink, that portion of the counter that holds a cutting board perfectly, maybe a spot right next to the oven. Instead of relying on ambient lighting to get the job done in these spots, install some bright task lighting dedicated to lighting up these areas. Have your contractor install them on separate switches so you can turn them on only when needed. You’ll have a safely lighted area for cutting and other kitchen duties.

Idea #4: Go Eclectic

Can’t decide which lamp you like the best? Why choose? Pick one similar element like creamy shades or brass fixtures and install a variety of hanging lamps that almost go together. Not for formal dining rooms and kitchens, the eclectic lighting scheme fits in with free spirits and confident decorators. This combination often looks like a custom designer did a rich decorating job on your home. Only you will know the truth.

Idea #5: Battery Back-Ups

Home renovations in south Florida, especially those in kitchens and other frequently-used parts of the house, often include lighting that works during one of the many power outages that the area is known for. Emergency lighting doesn’t have to look like the lamps on your corner store’s wall.

Idea #6: Go Retro

Haunt thrift shops and yard sales for old kitchen lighting fixtures from the 60’s or earlier. Vintage is hot, and it might even inspire you to redo your kitchen with an entirely new retro theme. Have a residential electrical contractor inspect the fixtures to make sure they’re safe and in good working condition before he installs them in your room. If the wiring is worn, get the lamps repaired, leaving the decorative outside alone.

Idea #7: Made in the Shade

Give your kitchen makeover a pop of color. Get rid of the plain old white shades that every kitchen fixture has. Paint yours a bright primary color or something in a deep jewel tone. Decoupage designer fabrics to the outside. Glue on bright coins or small game pieces. Turn your lighting into a conversation piece simply by adding a crafty shade filled with your personality.

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5 Great Bathroom Lighting Ideas

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5 Great Bathroom Lighting Ideas

When it comes to choosing rooms to remodel, bathrooms are always near the top of almost every homeowner’s list. Families grow, styles change, and fixtures seem to look dated quicker than in other parts of the house, so bathroom renovation is a natural choice after just a few years.

After you’ve decided on the bathtub and the color scheme, consider how lighting can become the final touch that brings the room together. Nothing completes a room like the right lighting scheme, and few decorating accents can do so much with such a small amount of effort and money.

Layer the Light

If your bathroom lighting consists of one fixture in the middle of the ceiling, you’re in desperate need of an upgrade. While a single ceiling light might give you enough light to shower by, it doesn’t do anything for the look of the room. Task lighting will give you layers of light while adding warmth to the space. Put in a light above the shower or bath, flank the dressing mirror with side lights, and even add tiny lights along the bottom of the wall to stand in for old-fashioned night lights.

Use Non-Traditional Lighting

A complete bathroom renovation calls for a complete rethinking on your lighting scheme. Why stick with traditional bathroom ceiling lights in your sleek new room? Consider other types of light sources to give your bathroom a unique designer look while lighting up the space. Try bean pot lamps or candlestick lights on a side table, hanging kitchen lights over the vanity, or small electric candles through the room for a soft, romantic glow.

Vanity Lighting

If your bathroom design doesn’t leave much room for dedicated vanity lighting, add light sconces directly onto the surface of the mirror. The mirror behind the lights will double the brightness, giving the room twice as much light in a very small space.

Lighting as Decor

Bathroom lighting doesn’t have to be a simple utility. When you choose the right fixtures, the lighting can become a crucial part of your bathroom design:

  • Sleek, modern rooms look great with lots of chrome lamps and fixtures.
  • If your design flair leans toward the funky, incorporate strings of rope lighting wound around the curtain rods.
  • For a room that is romantic and ruffled, bring in some bedside lamps and candle sconces to continue the theme.
  • If this bathroom is mainly for the kids, use lamps in bright primary colors, or check the bedroom department for colorful lamps with their favorite cartoon characters on them.

You may have to change things out as your (or the kids’) interest wanes, but then it will give you a good excuse to give the room a makeover.

Use Multiples

When it comes to bathroom lighting, if one is good, then many are better. Plan a design that includes multiples of all the lights you plan to install. Instead of one central light fixture, install three or five hanging bulbs with decorative shades on different lengths of cord. Group bunches of electric candles on the back of the toilet. Use multiple small bulbs around the vanity mirror instead of one or two smaller ones. More always looks rich and abundant, and it takes your room away from the cookie-cutter design look.

Some lighting changes are a snap to do on your own, but some require a licensed professional electrician to install them safely. When you speak with your electrical contractor and plan your bathroom renovation, let him know about the lighting designs you want to use so he can incorporate them into his renovation schedule.

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Protect Your Family by Installing a Backup Generator

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Protect Your Family by Installing a Backup Generator

Intense storms are a fact of life in southern Florida, and an almost daily occurrence in some parts of the year. It’s never a matter of whether or not you’ll get a blackout at least once each season. It’s more a question of when and how often. Some power outages are brief and cause little inconvenience, but other major blackouts can last for days, causing you to have to move into a hotel until it’s over.

Savvy homeowners protect their families from the effects of a major blackout by installing a standby generator system. Knowing you have power security will give you a sense of peace of mind, and can ensure your family’s physical safety, as well. Being without power is more than just a quaint overnight camping trip at home. Genuine dangers can arise when you’re without electricity for a length of time, and an emergency power supply can reduce or eliminate those dangers.


Emergency candles are just that: made for an emergency. Keeping candles lit for hours on end can be a severe fire danger, especially with bored children running through the house trying to entertain themselves. Flashlights only work until the batteries die, and do nothing for general room light. Worst of all, security lighting outside disappears in a blackout, leaving your family vulnerable to burglars and other criminals. The safest and most reliable lighting method during a power outage is always using a backup generator. A whole home generator will keep your lights on, inside and out, until even the worst blackout is over.


Your family’s health is dependent on electrical power in more ways than you may realize. Without electricity, your family members may:

  • trip and fall in darkened rooms, hallways, and stairs
  • get burned from using candles and food warmers
  • suffer from spoiled food or medication that should be refrigerated
  • fall ill from high heat and humidity from lack of air conditioning

Light equals safety in so many ways, and a backup generator will keep your family safe from injury and illness due to lack of power.


The price of having an electrical service company install a backup generator may seem significant, but your alternate power supply can pay for itself in lower insurance premiums and savings from avoiding losses. Refrigerated and frozen foods shouldn’t be used if stored without power for more than 24 hours. The average family loses hundreds of dollars worth of meat, dairy, and other cold food whenever there’s a significant power outage. Even if you only have a small amount of food on hand, you’ll spend a large amount on ice to keep it cold, and that’s if you can find ice available and without a severe price increase. Keeping the lights on can deter criminals that might otherwise roam your darkened neighborhood, saving you the cost of broken windows and stolen property. For the longest blackouts, families are forced to move into motels and hotels until the power returns, and a standby generator system can save you money by removing the need for that expense. If you have a bad couple of years with significant blackouts, your backup generator system may pay for itself in just a few seasons.

For a professional assessment to determine what size standby generator would work for your home, contact us for a consultation today.

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How to Upgrade Your Outdoor Lighting to Achieve Energy Savings

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How to Upgrade Your Outdoor Lighting to Achieve Energy Savings

One of the best money saving tips you can make to lower your energy bill is to upgrade your outdoor lighting. Switching your lighting from traditional bulbs to more efficient LED lights can save you hundreds of dollars each year. Energy efficiency is the selling point of all LED lighting systems, but these lights can save you money in many different ways. Whether you have safety spotlights on your building or landscape lighting at the base of your property, you’ll enjoy energy savings for multiple reasons when you upgrade them to LED lighting.

Long Life

LED bulbs last about ten times as long as fluorescents, and even longer than that compared to traditional incandescent bulbs. When you’re not running out for light bulbs every few months, the savings can add up.


Traditional bulbs are built with a fragile filament, which makes them much easier to break. If you have birds pecking at your spotlight or lawnmowers running into your landscape ground lights, they’re apt to break on a regular basis. LEDs are solid, and can withstand a surprising amount of jarring and bumping.


LED lights don’t heat up like traditional bulbs do. If your outdoor lights are a part of your landscape design, your expensive shrubbery can get dried out if the heat from the lights is concentrated on them for too long. Allowing your landscape to grow and mature without needing replacement plants is another way you’ll save with LED replacements.


You’ll see the largest energy savings from simple usage when comparing LED bulbs with incandescents or CFL varieties. LED replacements will use a fraction of the power, sometimes as low as 1/30th of the energy usage. While they use up much less power on a daily basis, LEDs are as bright or brighter than the traditional lights you’ll be replacing.

Increased Safety

You may see such large energy savings when you replace your current outdoor lighting with LED bulbs you’ll be able to add more lights around your property. Instead of just shining a light on the driveway or front door, you’ll be able to afford bright safety lights around the entire perimeter. A brighter yard is safer for people to walk around in after dark, and is also a deterrent for burglars and thieves.

Green Technology

LED lights are so efficient that you may be able to remove yours from the grid completely and hook them up to a small solar generator. A few unobtrusive solar cells can capture enough power to run the outdoor lights for many suburban homes. It’s free power to light your property, and a good safety addition in case of power outages.

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