Find Electrical Contractors in Wellington FL

Find Electrical Contractors in Wellington FL

Wellington, Florida has gone from being the world’s largest strawberry patch in the 1950s to an international center for equestrian events. The visiting horsey set and the glitterati that follow them mean constant upgrading and building in this once-small village in Florida. Static Electric Company, along with owner Anthony Maturo, have been professional electrical contractors in Wellington FL for almost 30 years. Whether you’re renovating an old business to fit a new need or building a completely new complex, Static Electric has the knowledge and experience to complete your project. We’re State Certified Electrical Contractors, as well as State Licensed Gas Contractors, so you can be confident they can get the entire job done without worrying about finding sub-contractors for part of the job.


No matter what your bottom line, savings is crucial to make your business truly profitable. Static Electric knows how to assess your business and come up with a plan for change and renovation that will result in electrical savings every month. We’ll replace old incandescent bulbs with newer LED versions that cost much less to use, upgrade old fuse boxes and wiring to newer, modern circuit breakers and wiring, and design lighting layouts that make use of task lighting plans to concentrate electrical usage where it’s needed, avoiding lighting an entire space when it’s not being used.

Emergency Power Supply

Every community on the east coast of Florida is subject to the whims of whether when it comes to electrical power. Hurricanes, tropical storms, and even over-usage due to heat waves all can cause an electrical outage that lasts for hours or days. This can be an inconvenience for residents, but for a business it means you’re shut down for the duration unless you have an alternate power source. As the primary electrical contractors in Wellington FL, Static Electric can advise you on the different types and sizes of generators, and can install both portable and built-in models to keep your business going when the power goes out.

Emergency Service

No matter how much care you take with your electrical equipment, things break down, and usually at the worst possible time. Static Electric offers emergency electrical repairs 24/7. Whether you’ve got a minor problem with your outside lights or a system-wide failure, we will repair your electrical problems quickly and efficiently, allowing you to have your business up and running as quickly as possible.

Electrical Maintenance Service

You’ll always save money by preventing problems before they start. Static Electric will sit with you and plan out a maintenance schedule to cover all the systems in your business. We will replace light bulbs indoors and out on a regular basis, preventing you having to work in the dark at random moments. Our professional technicians will inspect wiring and circuit breakers regularly to ensure safe usage. Every machine has a designated maintenance schedule, whether it’s a restaurant stove hood or emergency lighting, and we’ll schedule regular visits to keep all your equipment in the best possible working condition.

Lightning Protection

Because Florida is the state that has more lightning strikes than any other in the country, it’s crucial for businesses to invest in lightning protection as an alternate form of fire insurance. Lightning rods don’t attract lightning, as is popularly believed, but when lightning strikes at your roof, they direct the power toward grounded pads and away from your building. Static’s experienced professionals will install the correct lightning rod system for your particular building to prevent fires and other electrical damage that lightning can cause.

New Construction

Keeping up with the demands of the high-end clientele in Wellington means a lot of new construction. Static Electric will partner with you from the beginning of your project, creating custom plans that not only work for your particular business, but fit seamlessly in with your original build. Our experienced professionals have years of experience creating electrical systems for a variety of businesses, and can work within any budget or time constraint.