Standby Generators

In South Florida we enjoy beautiful beach weather when the rest of the country is buried in snow. We also live through hurricane season for six months of the year and have the distinction of attracting the most lightning strikes of anywhere in the country. Both these weather statistics, combined with ordinary problems with community electrical systems, means that there will probably come a time that your business will lose power. Depending on the business you run, this can be a financial setback or even a life-threatening occurrence. Standby generator installation is crucial in this area, and Static Electric is the electrical contractor in South Florida that is prepared to design and install a system that’s right for your business. Our generator division at Alternate Power Solutions is ready to provide you with the service and expertise you need.

Standby generator

How a Backup Generator Works

A standby generator system is wired directly into your building’s electrical system, and is connected to the main circuit breaker. Whenever there is an interruption of power that lasts more than a few seconds, a signal gets sent to the generator, causing it to switch on. The power begins flowing to the main circuit box and is then distributed throughout your business.

Depending on the size of generator installation you have, there may only be enough power to run critical systems such as life-saving medical equipment or restaurant freezer space, or you may have enough power to go right back to business as usual. For hotels, motels, and other businesses catering to tourists in this area, this can be a critical difference, as locals may add to your customer base very quickly if the power is out for any length of time. Instead of losing money from lack of power, you may actually increase the bottom line from all the extra business.

Maintenance of Standby Generators

One of the services we offer at Static Electric is backup generator maintenance. Just as you wouldn’t run your car without regular maintenance, your standby generator will only run at peak efficiency if it’s cared for on a regular basis. At its heart, a standby generator motor is very similar to that in an automobile, and it needs the same amount and type of maintenance done on a regular basis.

  • Batteries.  Cables must be checked and terminals cleaned or replaced if they begin to erode. The charge should be checked at least annually.
  • Cooling system. The fan belt, water pump, radiator hoses, and water pump need to be checked regularly. All fluids should be checked, changed when needed, and topped off to optimum levels. All hose clamps should be tightened and all belts inspected for cracking or loosening.
  • Lubrication.  Oil levels should be checked and topped off, as needed. The oil filter needs to be checked regularly, and changed after prolonged use.
  • Fuel system.  The gas lines, gas tank, and solenoid need to be inspected on a regular basis. The fuel filter and air filter should be check and replaced, as needed. The fuel level should be checked and recorded in a prominent place.
  • Tune up.  All removable parts of the system should be changed out on a regular basis, as they can dry out and become less efficient over time, even if they’re never used. Change the oil and oil filter, spark plugs, points, air filter, and condenser. Lubricate all the bearings and tighten all the belts.

Homeowners may run down to the hardware store and buy a portable generator, but your business needs a more robust system. Let us install and maintain a standby generator to ensure that your business will be up and running no matter what Florida’s environment throws at us.

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