Electrical Contractors In Boynton Beach FL

Electrical Contractors In Boynton Beach FL

Home to the best family beach in Palm Beach County, Boynton Beach, FL is a diverse city that’s constantly growing and improving. Static Electric Company, along with owner Anthony Maturo, has been serving the citizens and businesses in Boynton Beach for almost 30 years. The company is a State Licensed Electrical Contractor as well as a State Certified Gas Contractor, and it has the knowledge and experience to work with commercial customer for both new construction and renovation. Whether you’re renovating an office park or building a new subdivision, we’ll work with you to plan your project and see it through to completion.

New Construction

At Static Electric we have the experience to handle any new construction electrical project. We will sit with your contractors through the initial planning stages before beginning work on your project. Because we are a certified gas contractor as well as being licensed for electrical work, we can complete more projects without having to hire sub-contractors for that portion of the job. Our experienced professionals will work with you to create the most economical and energy-efficient building plan, and we will work with your construction contractors to coordinate the build as one job. Whether you’re building a new subdivision or a medical clinic, we have the experience to advise on the electrical layout of your project.

Electrical Money Saving

Keeping your expenses down is the easiest way to improve your bottom line, and we’ve got experience improving the cash flow of both new and existing businesses. We can replace old fluorescent lighting, as well as incandescent bulbs, and replace them with brighter and more efficient LED lighting. Having a secure building will save you money in the long run, and we can install security lighting as well as alarms and emergency lights. Older fluorescent ceiling lights often have ballasts that waste electricity; we’ll install the newer type that uses much less power to create the same amount of light.

Backup Generators

With so much of the city sitting directly on the oceanfront, Boynton Beach is in danger of some of nature’s worst weather. Tropical storms, hurricanes, and even ordinary thunderstorms can knock out your power, from downed power lines to area blackouts. If your power goes out, you’re probably losing money due to having to shut down operations, so getting the electrical power back up is your first priority. Static Electric will inspect your commercial business and recommend the necessary size of emergency power generator that will get you through the storm while staying open for business. We can install safe wiring to handle the extra load from the generator process, add permanent generators if your need dictates, and add electrical surge protection to protect valuable POS and computer systems.


Whether you’re redoing the interior in a classic house and want to keep the original flavor of the building, or you’re overhauling a commercial building and changing the entire usage for the business, we will work with you to create the ideal electrical plan to go with your project. We have the knowledge and experience to work with contractors to coordinate a building makeover, keeping the future use in mind. Whether you need subtle, hidden outlets for an antique building or extra 220 outlets for a commercial kitchen and its oversized appliances, we can recommend the right plan to complete your renovation.

Electrical Maintenance

The best way to save money on electrical repairs is to prevent them in the first place. We will create an electrical maintenance schedule for your business that will prevent most common electrical problems. We’ll replace light bulbs on a regular basis to make sure you never have to deal with burnt out lights. Our professional team will inspect your wiring and circuit breaker, replacing any older materials that may be getting older and more apt to break down. Every electrical machine has its own particular maintenance schedule, and we will do so according to the manufacturers recommendations. There is no guarantee that you’ll never have an electrical problem with our regular maintenance service, but the odd are much lower than if you just let things happen.