Electrical Contractors in Jupiter FL

Electrical Contractors Jupiter FL

With its easy access to coastal waters and its beautiful natural background, Jupiter, Florida has been named one of the top ten happiest seaside towns in America. This means a constant state of improvement in the city, with new residents moving in and business owners constantly improving their properties. Anthony Maturo and Static Electric have been working with commercial contractors in Jupiter for almost 30 years. As a State Certified Electrical Contractor, as well as a State Licensed Gas Contractor, we have the knowledge, expertise, and personnel to complete your renovation or new construction project without having to subcontract to any other companies. Whether you’re building a new office complex or renovating a collection of older homes, we’re ready to work with you, no matter what service you’re looking for.

Electrical Savings

Every business needs to keep costs in line, and Static Electric will be your partner in discovering and implementing new and existing ways to keep your electrical costs in line. We can install or retrofit economical LED lights both inside and outside your business, keeping monthly electrical costs down. We’ll take your company’s unique electrical usage into account when designing your new electrical system, putting in robust systems where needed and minimizing usage where not absolutely necessary.

Emergency Generators

As a coastal city, Jupiter faces the threat of hurricanes and tropical storms for half of every year, plus a constantly appearing set of thunderstorms filled with lightning. Residents are no stranger to power outages for many different reasons. If your power goes out, you’re out of business until you get the electricity back on. We can install alternate power sources in the form of backup generators designed to give your business the bare minimum for safety and security or be completely open no matter what the weather.

Emergency Services

When problems happen, whether due to storms or equipment failure, you need it taken care of immediately. Our professional technicians are ready to service your business 24 hours a day. Whether you have a broken stove hood or an entire electrical shutdown, we’re ready to quickly repair the problem in an expert, professional manner, getting your business back up and running as soon as possible.

Lightning Protection

Florida has more lightning strikes per capita than any other state in the union, earning it the title of lightning capitol of the U.S. As a coastal city, Jupiter gets its fair share of lightning strikes, endangering homes and businesses almost every week. Our professional Static Electric technicians can install a lightning protection system that attracts the electricity and diverts it to a safer ground position. We’ll also beef up your circuit breakers to accommodate any extra draw because of the storm, and add surge protection for your sensitive equipment.

New Construction

At Static Electric, we have the knowledge and expertise to work with you from the planning stages through the final cleanup in any new commercial construction project. We’ll design an attractive and economical electrical system that’s specific for your building and its particular use, and work with your contractors throughout the project to coordinate tasks. Whether you’re building a small local business or an entire subdivision, we’re ready to create and build your electrical systems from the ground up.


The best way to avoid major electrical disruptions is to maintain your equipment on a regular basis. We will inspect your entire building or business and design a maintenance schedule around your working day. We’ll replace light bulbs on a regular basis before they burn out, give your small and large equipment regular maintenance checks, and inspect your entire electrical system, including wiring and circuit breakers, to make sure nothing has worn out. We’ll even inspect and maintain your emergency equipment, to ensure your continued business during even the harshest of weather.