Maintenance and Service

Electrical Maintenance and Service for South Florida

Power problems happen all the time on commercial buildings, and at Static Electric we are ready to maintain and repair any systems you may have. Savvy business owners know to schedule regular electrical maintenance calls to help prevent all but the worst emergency problems. We work with many property managers to keep residential and commercial premises operating smoothly.

It’s Florida, so we’re always going to have weather-related issues, but our professional team can service and repair any problems you may have in a minimal amount of time. If you’re looking for an electrical contractor in South Florida, we’re the ideal company for all your maintenance and electrical service needs.

electrical maintenance and repairs

Electrical Maintenance for Lighting Systems

Having the right lighting system will make your clients and customers happier, and can create more satisfied and productive workers. Keeping the lighting system in your business at the optimum level is one of the key points in maximizing your profits on a daily basis. The best way to ensure your lighting is always working at  peak efficiency is to schedule regular electrical maintenance for all your lighting systems. Taking care of problems while they are small or before they even start will save you time and money down the line, all but eliminating expensive down time and major repairs. Putting Static Electric into your monthly maintenance schedule will help get rid of security worries as well as loss of cash flow from a closed business due to lack of lighting.

Electrical Repairs

Whether from accident or simple wear, an electrical problem can be the quickest way to shut your business down for an undetermined amount of time. Our expert service people have the training and experience to repair your electrical outage and get you back up and running quickly and with professional pride. Some of the repairs we commonly handle are:

  • Damaged landscape lighting. Landscape contractors aren’t always completely careful when it comes to working around small landscape spotlights, and lights are often the victim of over-zealous lawnmowers. We can repair and replace them quickly.
  • Overloaded circuits.  If your business is growing and you find yourself using more machines in the same amount of space, you may find yourself with blown circuits on a regular basis. We can upgrade your system to a stronger one to make sure you have enough power to safely and sanely run all of your equipment, from multiple computers to oversized kitchen appliances.
  • Security lighting replacement.  Light bulbs burn out, but when it’s the light in your security system, it’s not something you can replace with a bulb from the cupboard. We’ll replace the correct bulb or floodlight to ensure bright lights for safety and security around your building at night.
  • Ballast repair.  Fluorescent lights become worn over time, and often it’s the ballast inside the light that needs repair or replacing. We can get rid of that annoying buzzing sound and restore your clear, bright lights.
  • Emergency exit signs.  No matter the business, you should have emergency exits signs on their own dedicated circuit, and wired to their own battery power supply. Larger buildings require more signage to ensure line-of-sight for all employees, and these signs should be tested every year.

Generator Maintenance

In Southern Florida we are subject to hurricane season six months of the year, plus a large number of electrical storms year round. It’s important for most businesses to install a backup emergency generator, but it’s crucial in this part of the country. Depending on your business, lack of power can range from causing your lights and air conditioning to go out in your office to losing thousands of dollars in expensive ingredients at your restaurant. At Static Electric we take generator maintenance seriously, thus creating our generator division, Alternate Power Solutions. We’ll check your system on a regular basis, repair or replace any worn parts, and stop problems before they start. Scheduling regular maintenance on your emergency generators can be the smartest business investment you can make.

Emergency Service

All the maintenance calls in the world can’t guarantee your systems will run at 100 percent efficiency every single day of the year. Emergencies happen, and that’s when you need to know a quick and knowledgeable company that will take care of your power shortage or equipment malfunction and get you back on track as soon as possible. Our repair team at the Static Electric generator division Alternate Power Solutions has the experience and expertise of 30 years of service, and will take care of your problem with a smooth and professional attitude.