Palm Beach County

Commercial Electrical Installations in Palm Beach

Anthony Maturo and Static Electric have been performing commercial electrical installations for customers in Palm Beach County for almost 30 years. Our status as a State Certified Electrical Contractor, as well as a State Licensed Gas Contractor, make us ideal for your entire contracting job without having to hire subcontractors to complete the task. We give the same professional service and attention to detail whether we’re renovating one office building or installing the electrical system for an entire condominium complex. We will be your full-service electrical contractor in South Florida, no matter what type of service you require.

Emergency Generators

Palm Beach County faces hurricane season each year, as well as numerous violent electrical storms. When the power is out your business will be shut down, unless you have an alternate source of electricity. We can design and install a complete backup generator system for your commercial property. We’ll make sure that crucial systems in your business stay working for as long as necessary, as well as keeping power safe locks, floodlights, and alarm systems online and secure.


Cutting costs is crucial to your business’ bottom line, and Static Electric can partner with you to make sure you have the lowest power bill possible. We can remove all old incandescent and fluorescent lighting, replacing them with energy efficient LED bulbs that are brighter while using much less power. We’ll design interior lighting systems for you to minimize the light and electrical usage in your business, concentrating power on areas where it is needed and reducing waste.


With more lightning strikes per square mile than any other state, Florida has earned the title of Lightning Capitol of the United States. Palm Beach County has its fair share of violent storms year round, and they’re a constant danger to your business. We can design and install a complete storm protection system that will attract the lightning away from surrounding structures, divert it into a transfer system and send the electricity to the ground. We’ll add surge suppressor technology to protect your computer systems and electronic cash registers and deposit safes.

Emergency Service

When trouble happens you need help as soon as possible, and our experienced, reliable experts will assess your electrical issues and repair them as soon as possible. From small issues like restaurant stove hood wiring to system-wide problems related to generator repair, our priority is to quickly and professionally repair your electrical problem to restore your business to normal working order.


Preventing problems is always cheaper and easier than fixing them once they show up. Our electrical maintenance technicians will create a maintenance schedule designed to keep all your electrical systems running at peak efficiency. We’ll replace bulbs before they blow out, check wiring and circuit breakers at regular intervals, and even test and replace emergency equipment to make sure it’s in working order in case the worst happens. Every piece of electrical equipment in your business has a recommended maintenance schedule; we’ll add them into your scheduled visits to complete every check as soon as it’s needed.

New Construction

Whether you’re building an office, an assisted living facility, or a mall, we can design and build the entire electrical system from the ground up. We have the knowledge and experience to create systems for every type of business, from operations to décor. Our designs are attractive, economical, and ergonomically pleasing, giving you an interior that works intuitively no matter what kind of business you’re going to create.


With the cost of new construction, you may decide to build your new business in an existing building. Renovating a business can be challenging, especially if you substantially change the usage, but it can still save you significant amounts of money. We will assess the building, advise on needed systems for operations and décor, and give detailed estimates for the entire job. Whether you’re simply upgrading lighting or turning a shop into a restaurant, we can upgrade your electrical system to create your ideal business interior.