Energy Saving

How Important is Energy Conservation in South Florida?

The FPL bill your business receives can be a significant part of your budget, but it’s also one of the easiest to adjust to save money. At Static Electric we are the electrical contractor in South Florida who is dedicated to finding economical ways to design and retrofit lighting and creating energy management systems. You’ll enjoy energy savings, giving a boost to your bottom line. If you are taking on a new construction job, we’ll design an energy saving system using green technology. For business upgrades our technicians will work with you to devise the most economical plan for replacing existing indoor and outdoor lighting systems.

Energy savings in business, energy conservation

Retrofit Existing Lighting

Lighting can account for up to 40 percent of the electrical usage in your commercial building, so replacing wasteful old lighting systems with newer technology can create significant energy savings for your business. Older fixtures traditionally use incandescent bulbs or older fluorescent bulbs in the ceiling fixtures. Today’s more energy efficient lighting makes use of newer ballasts, compact fluorescent lamps known as CFLs, and light bulbs utilizing Light Emitting Diodes, or LEDs. We can replace all existing lighting systems in your building with energy efficient substitutes, giving you the same amount of light for a lot less money.

In addition, outdoor walkway lighting, landscape pinpoint lighting, and security lamps on the building and in the parking lot are a large part of any lighting bill. We’ll redesign and replace your entire outside lighting plan, giving you a more efficient setup while keeping your employees safe and your building well-lit at night.

LED Lighting

Unlike older incandescent light bulbs, newer LED lights are cooler, more energy efficient, and more versatile for task and general work lighting. We recommend installing LED lights in businesses for a number of reasons.

  • Longer lifetime. While everyone is familiar with changing the older style incandescent light bulbs, it’s rare for anyone to find an LED light that has burnt out. Manufacturer’s numbers vary, but most bulbs are estimated to last from 25 to 100 times as long as the old style bulbs.
  • Improved energy savings. Costs will vary with use, but it’s estimated that a business using only LED lights can save up to $350 a year in electrical costs by replacing 25 incandescent bulbs with LED alternatives.
  • Smaller size.  Traditional light bulbs are big and bulky, but LED lights can give bright light from a very tiny bulb. Pin lights the size of a small coin can easily be used as task lighting over a desk.
  • Robustness. Drop an ordinary light bulb and you’ll get a shattered mess of sharp glass shards all over the floor. Drop an LED bulb? It will bounce, and may go under a desk, but that’s the extent of the problem. Unlike traditional bulbs, LEDs are tough.
  • Cool light. Unlike incandescent bulbs, LED lights don’t give off large amounts of heat during use. In South Florida, when the air conditioner runs almost year round, this is a significant issue in terms of energy savings.

Energy Management

Our expert technicians will inspect your entire commercial layout, including typical usage during a business day, and devise an energy management plan to help reduce your electrical usage. We’ll make all needed electrical repairs to make sure your equipment is working at top efficency. We can recommend adjustments to the layout of your business, offer best business practices for teaching employees not to waste power, make schedules for outdoor and task lighting, and even offer suggestions for alternate ways to light your rooms such as skylights, lighter blinds, and removing large landscaping from near the building’s windows. Installing an efficient system is the first half of the battle. Learning how to use it correctly is the way to sustain your savings.