LED Lighting Benefits

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LED Lighting Benefits

Traditional incandescent and halogen bulbs are fading away, and being replaced by LED lights. Business owners may balk at replacing all their bulbs with the new style, because they originally cost many times what the older bulbs did. Such a large outlay will be worth it, in the long run. LED lighting has a number of benefits over the old traditional bulbs, and your business can profit from all of them.


LED bulbs can save your business hundreds of dollars a year in a surprising number of ways. Most obviously, they use significantly less power, so your energy usage will go down immediately. They’re much more robust, so if they’re dropped they’re more likely to bounce than break, saving wastage and breakage costs. They give off a much cooler light, not heating up the immediate area like incandescent and halogen bulbs do. In steamy South Florida, that means lower stress on the air conditioning unit. LED lights last up to 40 times as long as a traditional bulb, or longer, meaning you may not have to replace any of the original bulbs we install for many years.

During Operations

Unlike traditional bulbs, manufacturers can produce LED bulbs in a rainbow of colors very easily, making signage and emergency lighting economical and bright. They will instantly turn on and off, and when hooked to a dimmer switch they can be dimmed to a wide variety of levels. Unlike ordinary fluorescent and halogen lights, LED bulbs have no problem working in the cold. The three weeks out of the year that combine to serve as winter here in South Florida will have absolutely no effect on any of your bright business signage.

Make it Green With LED Bulbs

Environmentally aware business owners will love LED lights for their tiny impact on the environment. Unlike halogen bulbs, LEDs contain absolutely no dangerous mercury. They reduce energy usage, lowering your business’ carbon footprint immediately. LEDs don’t give off any UV radiation. Every little bit helps when it comes to global warning, and LEDs reduce the amount of CO2 given off from your lighting by up to 90 percent. The long life of these bulbs, combined with the low breakage figures, means that there will be much fewer bulbs filling up local landfills.


The way your business looks is important if you deal with the public, and LED lighting can give your business a clean and modern look that clients will notice. The availability of multiple colors of lights gives you the option of building signage in a rainbow of hues, as well as installing task lighting in attractive pink or soothing blue shades. Their small size means they can be embedded into sidewalks for unobtrusive lighting at night, while their relative brightness means you can replace older general room lighting with cheaper but better looking task lighting. LED is colorful, versatile, and simple to adapt to any lighting situation. As a business owner, it’s worth spending a little more now to reap the benefits for years to come.