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6 Types of Security Lighting for the West Palm Beach Home

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6 Types of Security Lighting for the West Palm Beach Home

A security lighting system in your West Palm Beach home is the smartest inexpensive theft deterrent you can find. Thieves and burglars look for homes they can ransack without being seen, and darkness is one of their biggest tools. If your house is well-lit in a multitude of ways, thieves are more likely to move on to one of your less-prepared neighbors when planning a job. Your home is likely your largest investment; it pays to invest in multiple types of security lighting to keep your family and property safe.

#1: Motion Activated Floodlights

It’s smart to install general purpose floodlights that cover your entire yard, but it makes no sense to have them running all night long. That just wastes power and raises your electrical bill. Have your electrical contractor in West Palm Beach install motion activated lights around your property. When someone moves onto your property a bright light will shine on him, preventing him from sneaking into the house under cover of darkness. The sensitivity on these lights can be adjusted to ignore smaller woodland creatures, only turning on when there’s an actual human threat in the area.

#2: Timed Security Lighting

When you want your property at least slightly lit at all times, but still don’t want outrageous electrical bills, timed lighting is what you need. These lights are dimmer than motion-activated floodlights, but they are on a timer, and can be set for a certain number of hours each night. Set the timer for a few hours after you go to bed, or leave outdoor¬†lights on all night until dawn. Either way, you’ll cut your power usage from simply leaving floodlights on all night light.

#3: Coach Lights

When calling on electrical renovation services, include coach lights on your list of possibilities. These lights illuminate sidewalks and driveways, while adding charm and good looks to your property. You’ll be able to safely walk to your car and around your property without the commercial look of traditional floodlights.

#4: Soffit Lights

If deterring thieves is the main purpose of outdoor security lighting, then lighting up the outside of your West Palm Beach house must be crucial for any security plan. Soffit lights aren’t used very often these days, but they can add an element of brightness and visibility to the front of any house. The soffit is the slight overhang on the front of your house face. Soffit lights hang from this overhang, or are built right into it. They supply lighting that bathes the front of the house where the front porch light might be lacking.

#5: Types of Lights

Traditionally, security lighting was with incandescent bulbs, whether set up high on a pole or set into a fixture next to the front door. Today’s electrical renovation services professionals know that LED lighting is brighter, cooler, safer, and less expensive to use in all types of lighting situations. The lights use a fraction of the power that traditional bulbs use, but they’re many times brighter, giving you a safer property for less money. Your contractor can replace any traditional security lights you have with LED lighting during renovations, and if you’re adding a new lighting system, LED bulbs are the preferred way to go.

#6: Solar Lights

For an additional lighting pop, solar lights are an inexpensive choice for your landscape lighting. They generally don’t give off anywhere near the same amount of light as an LED bulb, though, so they should only been seen as an addition, attractive type of lighting to add to your security package. They’re great for placing beside walkways, giving you more secure footing at night, but they’re not useful for primary lighting in your security plan.

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