Latest Green Building Electrical Trends for 2016-2019

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Latest Green Building Electrical Trends for 2016-2019

A few short years ago, green building was just another fad. Something that happened on the fringe of construction, which avant garde architects and designers incorporated into their designs along with weird angles, and which was not really something the average person thought about.

Thanks to rising energy costs and increasing concern for the planet, however, green building has moved squarely into focus for most consumers and contractors, and it’s becoming one of the important things to consider when building or renovating. Here is what you’re likely to encounter in terms of electrical in green buildings in the next few years.

Smart Lighting Controls

One of the biggest trends in building in recent years has been smart technology, and because lighting is a big part of our energy consumption, it’s one of the areas where a lot of very visible progress has been made. From lights that you can turn on and off from your smart phone to lighting that automatically senses when rooms are empty and shuts itself off, there are plenty of options here.

Consuming Less

Another major trend that will continue to influence green electrical is the trend to get the same results while consuming less. Major appliance manufacturers, HVAC manufacturers and lighting manufacturers are all working towards designing equipment that provides the same results, while using a fraction of the power. New construction practices are designed to insulate better, and provide better air and light flow, which means buildings also require less to run.

Better Technologies and Tools

While many of the changes in building have been due to conscious decisions, new tools and technologies have also changed the way we build. Laser measuring tools reduce waste and take measurements with superior accuracy. Mobile computers and technology offer the ability to make design changes on site, and estimating and design technologies allow contractors to calculate changes on the fly. All of that makes adapting home design and electrical a lot easier.

Alternative Energy Going Main Stream

Alternative energy is another major trend in energy conservation in 2016 and beyond. These days, solar panels on your roof to help cut energy consumption or to heat a pool are a selling point on a home, and with many power companies in the US implementing buy back plans for excess residential power generation, there are more incentives than ever to go fully or partially off grid.

Garages Geared for Electric Cars

Another trend in green building is less about what goes into the building, and more about what goes into the garage. As electric cars become more main stream, and with companies like Tesla making electric cars sexy for the first time, it’s going to be more and more common for people building new homes in the next few years to consider where they can plug their car in. Since many electric cars have high power demands, that can mean changes to the power in your garage.

Energy Conservation in 2016 and Beyond

If you’re thinking about building a new home or retrofitting your old one to be greener, it’s a good idea to talk to an electrician in West Palm Beach about your wants and needs, and work with them to develop a green power plan for your home or building.