4 Signs You Need a Commercial Electrical Technician

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4 Signs You Need a Commercial Electrical Technician

Most business people try to avoid calling in service people for as long as possible to avoid that hit on the bottom line. For some parts of your business, such as landscaping or d├ęcor, this makes perfect sense. When it comes to electrical problems, though, putting off repairs can endanger your customers and employees as well as cause significant risk of fire. Not every glitch in your circuit breaker is reason to call a commercial electrical provider, but if you’re having significant issues with these clues, it’s time to call a pro. You’ll save money in the long run, because equipment in good shape lasts longer, plus you’ll have peace of mind knowing your business is safe from electrical fires.

#1: Lightning Protection

Businesses in Florida are especially vulnerable to fires from lightning strikes, as this is the lightning capitol of the country. If your business is lacking lightning protection technology, your first priority should be to call and have a system installed. If you’re thinking of unattractive tall lightning rods of the past, don’t worry about it. Today’s lightning protection comes in the form of air terminals, short poles usually measuring about 12 inches high, that unobtrusively blend in with your roof line. A commercial electrical professional can plan the right system of air terminals for your building’s height and square footage, and will install the system so that it won’t detract from the looks of your building. Once you have a lightning protection system in place, call your commercial insurance agent. Most companies give a discount on their premiums when lightning safety systems are installed.

#2: Electrical Outlets

Electrical outlets are so common that it’s easy to think they’ll last forever. Like any other piece of equipment in your building, though, they wear out and break down eventually. Some signs of outlet wear are simple indications that they need to be updated to accommodate more modern usage. Some other signs are clues that there is actually electrical problems in your wiring, and have to be taken care of immediately. In either case, it’s best to contact a professional to get an opinion on your particular situation. These include:

  • Loose outlets
  • Warm outlets
  • Brown spots around switches
  • Noisy switches
  • Sparks when a switch is turned on or off
  • Outlet plugs with two prongs instead of three

#3: Other Clues

Outlets and switches may be a major source of electrical problems that crop up in your business, but troubles can show up anywhere you’ve got wiring. If your lights dim when the air conditioning or heat pump switch on, this can be a sign of inadequate wiring. If you constantly get shocked when you touch an appliance, you need to have the area inspected. Frayed wiring, loose switch plates, a fuse box instead of a circuit breaker, and even the smell of burning can be a clue that you need to contact a commercial electrical technician to have him inspect your electrical system.

#4: Possible Fixes

Calling for electrical repair doesn’t necessarily mean ordering a complete redo on your electrical system. You may only need to have one or two outlets or switches replaced. You and your electrical professional may decide to have your circuit breaker updated to handle a growing load, or you may need the wiring tested throughout your building. The key is to have a professional look at the problem so you can make a decision that’s right for both your safety and your business’s bottom line.